Corporate / Shuttle / Events / Teambuilding

Happy Business Customers from Bavaria, Germany on a Rickshaw and Funbike/ ConferenceBike / Teambike Tour through the beautiful Tiergarten Park in the centre of Berlin in front of the Monument for Beethoven,Mozart and Haydn

We can also organise your company outings and business meetings as you wish, together with a restaurant, bar, or exhibition visit.

Also, we can also organise your business trip or corporate meeting like as city ​​rally with different teams and different tasks to be solved.

In addition, our fun bikes and rickshaws can also be used to provide shuttle service from points A to B (and also C) for your clients.

We can easily handle group sizes of up to 90 people.

We can also quickly organise more bicycle rickshaws for group members or participants who would prefer to sit back and relax.

Discounts are available for of 50 or more.

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