The Fun Bike/ConferenceBike


The fun bike or conference bike is a multi-person bicycle with three or four wheels and 7 seats, with one seat reserved for the driver/guide.

Each rider has his or her own set of pedals and helps to propel the bike by pedalling. Each chain has a propeller shaft which in drives the two rear twin wheels of the bike with a motorcycle chain.

Depending on the pedalling cadence of the passengers, the fun bike can reach speeds of 9-12 mph.

During the ride, the passengers are seated in a circle or across from each other around the driver, which adds to the overall fun and the chance to communicate with one another.

This seating position is optimal for guided tours since all passengers are seated close to the guide and can thus hear him or her well and ask questions at any time.

The fun bike is the ideal vehicle for city tours as a group.

Even for people who have never ridden a bicycle or who cannot ride a normal two-wheeler on their own, the fun bike is ideal because the 3 or 4 wheels means there is no risk of the vehicle tipping over.

For families with children ages 7 and older, the vehicle is also optimal since all seats are height adjustable and the whole family can sit close together on a single bicycle, which is both very safe and lots of fun.

Since the fun bike is equipped with an electric assist motor, the passengers do not necessarily have to pedal constantly and can sometimes take a break. This makes for an enjoyable ride even for people who are less sporty, older, or who have disabilities.

The vehicle is also ideal for people with visual impairments since they can concentrate on pedalling, communicating, and enjoying the experience without having to worry about traffic. The driver takes care of that.

The fun bike is very stable, very safe, and approved for road use, complete with hydraulic disc brakes in both front and rear.

The middle of the bike has a table where passengers can place their beverages.

Each fun bike also has a box for the secure storage of passengers’ personal belongings and/or for chilled drinks.

Fun Bike/ConferenceBike Photos