Grand Berlin Wall Tour

On this exciting tour, experience and learn a lot about the shocking construction of the Berlin Wall in 1961, its gradual expansion, and its seemingly miraculous opening 28 years later. We will ride along the former course of the Wall and see many important parts of the inhumane and deadly no-man’s land that have survived.

We start at the Brandenburg Gate, once marooned between the two sides of the Wall, and now the trademark symbol of the city’s division and subsequent reunification. We then ride along what used to be no-man’s land to Potsdamer Platz, newly re-created after the Fall of the Wall. The Wall used to divide this massive square in two and was left abandoned for decades on both sides. After unification, it became the site for Berlin’s newest and most modern neighbourhood.

From here we are passing the Spy Museum Berlin and heading to one of the only three East German border guard towers to remain standing. These once held soldiers ready to shoot on sight anyone trying to cross without permission from one side of the city to the other.

We then ride along a longer stretch of the Berlin Wall and then pass by the Berlin High Flyer, the Trabi Museum and the Asisi Panorama before arriving at Checkpoint Charlie, once a border crossing for diplomats and allied soldiers which became infamous during the tensions of the Cold War.

The longer variant of the Berlin Wall Tour takes us from Checkpoint Charlie to the memorial for Peter Fechter, one of the first martyrs of the Wall who bled to death at this spot, and then to various spots in Kreuzberg and Mitte to various sights of escape attempts and then on to the world-famous "East Side Gallery", the longest stretch of the Berlin Wall still standing. It was completely covered with works by many international artists after the Wall fell. The most famous painting on the East Side Gallery is probably "Der Bruderkuss" by Dmitri Wrubel.

After a relaxing ride past the East Side Gallery, we then head back to the Brandenburg Gate past the TV tower on Alexanderplatz and then past the historic splendour of the Prussian capital along Unter den Linden back to Pariser Platz and the Brandenburg Gate.

Alternatively, the Grand Wall Tour can also end at the TV tower on Alexanderplatz.

  • Duration: 2,5 hours
  • Price: Funbike Tour (max. 6 people per bike):  260,- €    Book this tour
  • Price: Rickshaw Tour (max. 2 persons per rickshaw):  180,- €    Book this tour
  • Price: Guided Two-Wheeler Bicycle Tour (min. 12 participants):  38,- € each    Book this tour

Stations of the Grand Berlin Wall Tour