Third Reich Tour

This very exciting and interesting tour takes us past many buildings and locations in the centre of Berlin that played a role during the Nazi regime. We also learn about the terrible things that were planned there. We also learn a lot about their fates during the years of post-war division and subsequent reunification of the city. A truly intriguing tour with much historical resonance.

On this tour, we will head to the following places that played a significant role during the Nazi period (1933-45) and learn more about what happened at each.

Pariser Platz – Brandenburg Gate –Reichstag – Krolloper – Plans for Germania – Great Hall of the People – the east-west axis Charlottenburger Chaussee – The Russian War Memorial – The Holocaust memorial – Goebbels’ Townhouse – Hitler’s Bunker –Wilhelmstraße – Ribbentrop’s Foreign Ministry – Goebbels’ Propaganda Ministry – Rudolf Hess’s offices - Hitler’s Chancellery – Wilhelmplatz – Hotel Kaiserhof – Finance Ministry – Göring’s Air Ministry – The Topography of Terror and Gestapo HQ, Himmler’s SS Hauptquartier, and Heydrich’s Security Office – The Clou Dance Hall – “Operation Todt” HQ – Bebelplatz with its monument for the book burning and St Hedwig’s Cathedral – the former Reichsbank (now the Federal Foreign Ministry) – Lustgarten and Berlin Cathedral – Royal Armoury – Royal Guardhouse – Unter den Linden – Hotel Adlon – Albert Speer’s studios – Ministry for Armaments and Munitions

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Price: Fun Bike Tour (max. 6 people per bike):  240,- €    Book this tour
  • Price: Rickshaw Tour (max. 2 persons per rickshaw):  150,- €    Book this tour
  • Price: Guided Two-Wheeler Bicycle Tour (min. 12 participants):  35,- € each    Book this tour

Stations of the Third Reich Tour